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Chennai, extreme rainfall. Unfortunately we failed to save them.

Chennai in water pool Nov’2015 - Agony & Intolerance...
Chennai has turned upside down in few days  totally devastated. The conditions of common people were so pathetic, not all roads are like poes road and gopalapuram. Shame on our Corporation to have such bad roads and disgusting sewage system.
The drain points sucks and open man hole bubbles. We were bearing such a sad state so far, but not anymore as  nature has proven its mightiness. Now these  lazy officials run to all posts to drain the sewage mix.  Look at the pathetic conditions in the pictures which goes viral in What’s app and FB. Now imagine the after effects.  Already we inhale air pollution, drink impure water, tolerate upcoming diseases, expect price rise, await demand, struggle with limited supplies and many more unhidden things, fate of our living standard. We keep our home clean, who should keep our state &  country clean. Each City corporation must at least work now to avoid such a bad situation for a better living status.
Since 1976, it’s the worst hit ever. Show’s our Government’s inefficiency and poor administration to fix the issues still. Water Reservoirs are meant for supply on demand, today the dams are open on surplus overflow, it’s a bad state to prevail. The entire world is looking Tamilnadu with sympathy as people go stranded. Water logging everywhere and people are annoyed due to bad roads and drainage system.
We pay tax for the smallest commodity we buy and why would  the price go exorbitant for normal household groceries and vegetables especially on situation like this, rather the basic needs are to be distributed free of cost, we have everything from resource to technology, but the question is, are they  utilized effectively for the welfare of public.
Probably all our ministers, counselors and great political leaders are very busy.
Why would we need so many dumb officials when they are of no use. Terminate all ineffective people and  give the powers to efficient collectors & dynamic youngsters you would see a better India. We keep our home clean, we would love our country to be clean like other neighboring nationals, but it’s hard to imagine.  
Why are we not having better roads and better sewage system. How long to strive on these. If we bribe things will happen.  It’s horrible to see Chennai floating, if all the pits and drainage points are well checked for blocks and leakages, we would have saved few lives.
Should we see all the under bridges water filled, floating cars & buses. Now most of the roads with boats, open sewage, stinking water mixing with drinking water leading to all type of diseases. Prevention is better than cure, the public demands no money or offer from the ruling Government, all they need is a clean state with a better system for a happy living.
Most of the places are flooded, cost goes high, demand increases, power cut, badly constructed buildings fall, corruption prevails, carelessness, laziness no value for human life, lack of help from government.
Water..water…water.. everywhere in all roads, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, PH Centers. One natural calamity we’are gone, what are the precautions government has to do, what are the plans to implement and survive the next natures anger…..absolutely no idea. In 2004 Tsunami took our lives, now extreme rain.
My dear Indian Government, we are split already by cast creed, language, money power and many more, because of your political power and administration. Treat us equally, remember we are all the same human kind living in Mother INDIA. Be it Uttarkhand or Chennai, it’s people’s life everywhere.  Enough of rain water has gone, in a span of 5 months we will need them again ..what are you going to plan to save water. Give us better roads & good drainage system.  Else make India Tax free & Toll free.  

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