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Launched My New Look Website

With great effort and support from my brother ,Senthil, I relaunched my website professionaly. Looks good to my feel..!

Everything needs a reason for a begining. When recession hit on me seriously and all things went blank. I only saw a big question mark in front of me asking  "what are you tomorrow ?". My wife was my big support and she always kept telling me I have a good voice, just took a chance gate crashing an e learning company and it was fruitfull, from then I started sailing slowly. It is very true, the more we are efficient, dedicated and passionate in our profession, it takes us to the next level.

A quick recap on my start, made me improve my voice standards. I owe my sincere thanks to all my clients who's been very encouraging in my carreer growth and Iam sure will maintain my cosistency forever.  Quite sometime my website was looking dry and still.  I have been seriously thinking on, to rebuild it. Certainly a fresh look with new features will be more appealing. I added more samples categorically, build a strong team now with a strong base on an On-site Studio to deliver outsourced voice assignments in 24hrs Turn Around time. 

It is said everyday is a gift and I believe every experience is golden. 

Iam happy about it now.Smile





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