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Modiji, One moment please.....

I write this blog in deep distress. It is certainly the voice of many of us here who wants a better India. Ever since I realize my identity as an Indian, I salute my flag with respect, understanding the hardship it went through in flying high today with pride. I still feel India is under tremendous pressure always, be it social, economical or political. I don’t mean to say there is a denial on improvement.  We have come quite a long  way in terms of food, clothing, shelter, mobility, technology, communication and many more. One question which is unanswered is “ are Indian citizens happy “?. Sometimes we pretend happy and dream for our desires. Our wants have become manifold and cost of living has gone sky high…now who is responsible for this..? is it we, the growing people with multiple demands or a less fortunate failing government …?
Why is it difficult for our government to give us a better administration and a good balanced standard of living, when other countries does with ease to their citizens?. When I mean ease, I refer to the basics in life, like average cost of consumables and utilities without daily surprises in cost.  We always fail to strike a balance between the demand and supply. India has enough resources for its people and “yes” we import and export trade for stabilization. We need subsidized price in fuel, power, food & medication…We need betterment in cleanliness, quality roads, hospitals, common toilets etc.. For a common man to get an average salary he is forced to undergo lots of uncertainties’ in his employment and he is often under surveillance but we don’t have a system of employment or an eligibility criteria for people who can bring a better administration. With no background check or assessment we have rulers who dominate on people’s welfare…..why ?.
Indian political condition seems to have become a subject of criticism on the western front…for a moment I thought, what India would be, if Pakistan was united with us before independence. May be, together we would have been a pure “Hindustan” without discrimination, big and mightier. Someone amongst us is always a reason for divide and rule. We play cricket, maintain discipline in border, run roadways or airways, and why not think beyond. I know now, it’s a weird thought, but things are beyond deceptiveness. When two countries can split for independence, it is nice to imagine them reunite again…Integrity starts here and rest will follow…be it good or bad, all is well.
In INDIA, we have various organizations, divisions, departments, sectors and units in our governance…is all deployed well with qualified personnel’s..? is all performing under effective supervision…?..do we have 100 % employment, are we above poverty level…NO..!!! Though privatization fulfills human requirement, they don’t last longer and has constant changes, there is no effective measure to get this fixed…this leads to exploitation, discretion & corruption. Survival of the fittest wins over.
Is India’s bright vision – 100% Employment, 100 % literacy, balanced money power, quality administration & better economy..?
Why would we be dollar dependent, is our IMF lying bad . I was reading class 8 history book sometime back and was amazed how Indian kings ruled our nation and built economy, of course we have a loot story behind where we were treated as slaves for peanuts. One good thing during our kings rule was, from each home in the province one will be employed in a palace, which was then the government. Subsidized groceries, cheap food, shelter and simple clothing where consistent and contended. Education and rivalry were given keen importance. There was only bullock carts to commute and pigeons to communicate, people stayed happier, today we have bullet trains and skype yet we are unhappy. People were in closed groups with lots of love. Now we are a diversified group with wide network…will the cycle come again..for a peace living?. Where is 5paisa, 10 paisa, 25 paisa..we are shamelessly seen if we have a 1 Rupee or a 2 Rupee…we loved those days enjoying it but today the society has pushed us behind inadvertently….this shows an unbalanced money power.
Our major minus, is our unsafe political satire played quite often. One arrest causes huge riots, severe lose and public chaos, sounds crazy and scary…why would this happen, who is responsible…irrational hawkers or the municipal negligence….where is law and order, in whose control are we…where is public safety here…what happened to ethics & moral….we studied a “Rule is a Rule even for a Fool…We forget and forgive Big robbery but investigations are done for cheap theft…why is it happening.. is it because it is influential or cannot be dealt with…?
In India, we have our admin cabinet quit different, too many members, who say they are the best to administer & lead their wards, councils, municipals, panchayats, villages, towns, cities and states….the question is, are they the people meant for such jobs..?  If the corporation cares to one area, keeps it’s street’s clean maintains hygiene and fines for littering,  the neighboring wards will follow, slowly city and state will achieve its cleanliness. Some Exnoras does this in a small level, but this is the duty of our municipality. In our country, we have politician’s area clean & tidy with proper power & water supply, why not for the others?
We all know Singapore, Dubai and other small countries have immensely grown in multiple folds in all aspects. How can they be so awesome, though we are bigger than them. I presume It’s only the vision of a great leader, good administration, law and order in place. It is not too hard to follow discipline; we Indians too want such a Nation. 
Every Indian is hard working and that’s why we hold major roles and responsibilities in various fields abroad. Likewise to administer a better India we need educated ministers and politicians with touch of a class understanding priorities to facilitate welfare for people. But here it’s a sad state, an eight class pass is ok for a peon job but a school dropout runs the government…very strange and flexible is our constitutional commandments’. Law & Order should be straight forward; a convict should be banned from an entry into political world. Benomies & Nominees for election should undergo a back ground check and will have to submit No Objection Certificate and a Police Clearance Certificate to the Election Commissioner, who reports to the Prime Minister. All records should be well maintained. No benefits and special privileges for politicians at the cost of public. 
The name “Election” should “Electrify” and clean the nation, we don’t want India to be in the hands of too many jokers but on the hands of few Wiseman who works for the people. We don’t mind a Hitler again but we don’t want a war. We want our ancient India in a modern way…...
India has developed a lot, but life before was much happier for my grandfather rather to me. Most of us are only managing to live and compete in the modern world, where everything is money bound. Why would we not expect a happy country, when our government can. Be it Education, groceries, fuel, medicines, clothing, food, home, the question of “costly” should completely go away from India and every citizen should be affordable, we want our money power to be stable.
Modiji, we find something special in you…we need Clean India, Safe India and a better economy in India with 100 % Education, 100% Employment and No Poverty.
Nowhere in the world, is a country like India. We have everything what we need, yet we are waiting to become a super power. Lets clear our thorn pathways and see an INCREDIBLE INDIA..…………………Jai Hind … !!!

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